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A world where the welfare of the animals controls market demand and pushes conservation and ethical innovation efforts forward
To structure data of all the world´s animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.

Vision and Misson



Species are going extinct, natural habitats are destroyed to never be recovered. We work to structure data of all the world's animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.


Climate Change

The 17 Global goals exclude animal welfare as a key to a sustainable planet. We create change and demand the inclusion of animal welfare by proving links between animal welfare and climate change through insights.



Industrial farming is driven by supply and demand and has devastating effects on ethics and the planet.

We aim to introduce the world´s first ethical-driven price mode for farming, that economically benefits animal welfare.


Fashion & Food

Fashion share supply chains with food but not responsibility. The word "ecological" does not include animal welfare. We unravel, and create collaboration plus traceability between shareholders so its possible to shop/produce/eat with ethics. We work to connect food and fashion for 360 insights in each step of the value chain.



Unethical animal supply chains create unethical animal protection as well as 14,5% of global GHG emissions. We provide, currently, the only solution to give full traceability from exact animal to exact B2C traceability.

Main areas to tackle

14,5 % of Global GHG emissions come from Industrial farming. Yearly 70 billion farm animals are killed for food, yet globally to date we don´t trace the ethics of animal-based food and fashion - this is where we come in.

The most impactful way forward is to pre-competitivly combine industries. And we have already started with the fashion and agriculture industries as they already share supply chain, but not responsibility.


When we created the World´s first traceable leather footwear we found out that this fashion product impacts revenues in gelatin, meat, fat, bones and milk.


So a united supply chain for ethical transparency to guarantee animal protection from exact animal to exact B2C product, covering the full range of impact, is what what we are building.

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